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Single Blends

Delta Mud- As the name suggests, this blend of New Guinea and very dark roasted Brazil Traditional Dry yields an extremely rich, deep cup of coffee. Indonesian coffee and Fuel French Nice, spicy aroma and taste.

French Roast- The French traditionally have roasted their coffee darkly, and our full-bodied version combines a dark roasted Panamanian with a dark roasted Organic Sumatran Gayo Mountain. Dark Indonesian and Central American coffees very powerful aftertaste.

Italian Roast- A truly dark style and introduces some interesting complexity. Has a prominent body, definite roast flavor, and a lingering aftertaste that changes as you savor it. Two dark South American coffees and one dark Indonesian coffee, slight tobacco flavor.

Kenya AA- A well balanced coffee with sweet, wine like acidity, smooth body and hints of ripe berries, pomegranate, and milk chocolate. AA is the best grade of Kenyan coffee, great acidity and body.

Voltaire's Passion- Three single origins Organic Sumatran Gayo Mountain, Sulawesi Toraja, and New Guinea, and four roasts deliver a rich and spicy cup with incredible body, low acidity, and a delightful, lingering aftertaste.


Dream Harder- Slightly dark roasted decaf Colombian blended with a lighter roasted Decaf Sumatran make it possible to both enjoy coffee and get the most of your restful hours.

Sumatran- One of the best tasting decafs we offer. This decaffeinated Sumatran has the same earthy flavor as our regular Sumatran. Excellent, unique coffee, full bodied with low acidity and smooth tasting.

Decaf Guatemalan- High quality coffee from the Huehuetenango region. Its delightful and well balanced.

Organic Coffees

Blue Heeler- It features a floral, early aroma with a full body and spicy, slightly smokey flavor. Offers the true essence of Sumatran earthiness, a classic, popular Alterra Blend. Light and dark roasts combined adding complexity.

Campedino Blend- Possess a rich, chocolaty flavor with a medium to full body, low acidity, and a hint of spice.

Mexico Kulantik- Citrusy aroma, slightly spicy/peppery and sustainably grown, Fair Trade certified.

Sumatran- Characterized by its low acidity, medium to heavy body, and earthy undertones.

French Roast- This dark roasted blend of coffee is for those of you who want the smokey flavor and aroma of French Toast without the caffeine. Emphasis on body.

Family Blend- Daily Breakfast Blend