We are open 7 days a week.

Monday 6am-2pm
Tuesday 6am-3pm
Wednesday 6am-3pm
Thursday 6am-3pm
Friday 6am-3pm
Saturday 7am-2pm
Sunday 8am-noon

Contact us at 608-850-3665



Almond Milk- Vanilla or chocolate

Iced Latte On The Rocks- Double espresso with cold milk, then topped with ice.

Ice Latte's- Double espresso, cold milk and ice. Then Blended.

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

Crunch Coffees- Powder based milk blended with ice

Iced Chai (Organic)- Spiced chai over ice

Ice Mocha- Double espresso, chocolate shoppe syrup, cold milk and ice.

Frappes- Powder based Ghiradelli, espresso, milk and blended ice.

Blended Coffee Drinks
-Jave Chip
-Lite Mocha
-Carmel Latte
-Sugar Free Vanilla

Blended Chai
-Spiced Chai
-Green Tea
-Wild Raspberry
-Tahitian Vanilla