We are open 7 days a week.

Monday 6am-2pm
Tuesday 6am-3pm
Wednesday 6am-3pm
Thursday 6am-3pm
Friday 6am-3pm
Saturday 7am-2pm
Sunday 8am-noon

Contact us at 608-850-3665




Latte'- Espresso, steamed velvet milk with a small amount of froth.

Tea Latte'- Powder based steamed with milk

Hot Chai Steamed (Organic)- Black tea steamed with milk

Cafe' Mocha- Espresso, choice of flavor, steamed milk with a small amount of Froth. Topped off with whip cream.

Espresso- Intense "shot" of coffee brewed by forcing water through a finely ground blend of coffees.

Cappuccino- Espresso, with steamed densely foamed milk. Prepared correctly this drink creates perfect harmony between milk and espresso.

Americano- Espresso, American Style - Diluted with hot water up to the cup line.

Steamer- Steamed milk with a flavored syrup added.

Coffee Cadies- Jug of coffee including cups, sugar and cream.

*Can add flavors syrups as well as organic soy milk for an additional .50 cents.